Scenario: I was studying in Canada for the past four (4) years. I would like to update my driver’s license; do I have to pay for the four years that I spent abroad?

Response: A person must be out of the country for a full year in order to be exempted from paying his driver’s license. So, if you were in Canada for 4 consecutive birthdates, then you will be exempted from paying the driver’s license for that specific period.
Also, please take note of the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Act, CAP 482 Section 43, and it quotes ‘where a driving permit is not renewed within a period of three years (3 years) from the date of expiration, the permit shall be void and may not be re-issued unless the applicant pays the fee for the outstanding period and sits and passes a new test to qualify for a driving permit.’

An exemption is only granted where evidence is provided with regards to absence from state for example; passport information.

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